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Are there upgraded trypan blue derivatives for cell viability testing?

Posted May 18, 2020


Yes! AAT Bioquest provides various upgraded dyes with similar cell permeability as trypan blue, including Trypan Red Plus, Trypan Purple and Trypan UltraBlue. These upgraded alternatives are less toxic to cells and can present more clear cell images under microscope. They can also be used to prevent florescent dyes (such as FDA, rhodamine 123, JC-1, TMRE, TMRM, Indo-1 AM, Fura-2 AM, calcein AM, Fluo-3 AM, Fluo-4 AM, Quest Fluo-8™ AM and Rhod-4™ AM) from leaking out of cells. With water soluble functional groups introduced in the molecule structure, these alternatives are highly soluble in water, and convenient to use.

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