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Can antifade mounting medium be used with all types of fluorophores?

Posted April 13, 2023


Compatibility between mounting media and fluorophore is typically dependent on the antifade/anti-photobleaching reagent used. Some fluorophores are not compatible with certain antifade reagents, and the reagents may cause quenching or not work as well. The optimal image quality is obtained if the mounting medium has the same refractive index as the immersion medium for the objective. This is in order to provide more clarity and contrast for viewing the images under the microscope. Choosing a medium with an RI close to 1.50 will typically help to visualize fluorescently stained areas. Glass has a RI of 1.50 and the RI of fixed tissues lies between 1.36 and 1.53. SlowFade Glass is a glycerol based antifade reagent that is compatible with many fluorophores, and is formulated to have a RI of 1.52. It results in bright images, with confocal, wide-field, or super-resolution microscopes at focal depths of 0-500 micrometers.

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