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What should I consider when choosing a fluorescence spectrometer?

Posted January 13, 2023


There are several factors to consider when choosing a fluorescence spectrometer. One factor is determining how many excitation wavelengths are going to be necessary for the samples in the experiment being conducted. Another factor is determining if samples will be analyzed in petri plates, multiwell plates, or capillaries in continuous flow. Additionally, one should consider how many detection channels are necessary to detect fluorescent emissions. Another factor is determining how narrow (bandwidth) the range of emission and excitation wavelengths are going to be. Narrow excitation bandwidths (e.g. band pass filters or monochromator) in addition with narrow emission wavelengths yield products with higher signal-to-noise. The last factor to consider is how one will access the data (e.g. either through USB, WiFi, or chart recorder).    

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