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Cal-520® alkyne

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Physical properties
Molecular weight905.77
Spectral properties
Excitation (nm)492
Emission (nm)515
Quantum yield0.751
Storage, safety and handling
H-phraseH303, H313, H333
Hazard symbolXN
Intended useResearch Use Only (RUO)
R-phraseR20, R21, R22
StorageFreeze (< -15 °C); Minimize light exposure
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Molecular weight
Excitation (nm)
Emission (nm)
Quantum yield
Cal-520® alkyne is an excellent building block that can be readily used to prepare a calcium-sensitive bioconjugate for monitoring calcium change spatially for a specific target. It can be conjugated to azido-containing biomolecules via the well-known click chemistry. Calcium measurement is critical for numerous biological and neurological investigations. Fluorescent probes showing spectral responses upon binding calcium have enabled researchers to investigate changes in intracellular free calcium concentrations using fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry, fluorescence spectroscopy, and fluorescence microplate readers. Cal-520® has been proven to be one of the best-known green fluorescent calcium indicators.


Common stock solution preparation

Table 1. Volume of DMSO needed to reconstitute specific mass of Cal-520® alkyne to given concentration. Note that volume is only for preparing stock solution. Refer to sample experimental protocol for appropriate experimental/physiological buffers.

0.1 mg0.5 mg1 mg5 mg10 mg
1 mM110.403 µL552.017 µL1.104 mL5.52 mL11.04 mL
5 mM22.081 µL110.403 µL220.807 µL1.104 mL2.208 mL
10 mM11.04 µL55.202 µL110.403 µL552.017 µL1.104 mL

Molarity calculator

Enter any two values (mass, volume, concentration) to calculate the third.

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Spectral properties

Excitation (nm)492
Emission (nm)515
Quantum yield0.751

Product Family

NameExcitation (nm)Emission (nm)Quantum yield
Cal-520®, AM4925150.751



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