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Is there a better dye than AMCA?

Posted October 14, 2022


CF350 Dye is a dye that is similar to AMCA, but is a better alternative for various reasons. One reason is that compared to AMCA, it is more water soluble. It is also more photostable and is 50% more fluorescent on proteins compared to using AMCA. Another trait CF350 has that makes it an excellent dye is that it is insensitive to pH. 

Another better alternative to AMCA is Alexa Fluor 350 dye. This dye is more water soluble than AMCA, and also produces better fluorescence. Alexa Fluor 350 has emission wavelengths (346 nm), which is slightly shorter than AMCA and in turn reduces overlap with the emission of fluorescein.  

iFluor® 350 is a superior alternative to AMCA. The iFluor® 350 dye is a bright blue fluorescent dye spectrally similar to AMCA with improved water-solubility, photostability and higher fluorescence quantum yields. iFluor® 350 conjugates are well-suited for direct imaging of high abundance targets, and is particularly useful in multicolor applications, such as flow cytometry and super-resolution fluorescence microscopy, without compromising the performance of green and red fluorescent probes.

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