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Do you have any cytotoxicity information for your Nuclear LCS dyes?

Posted June 12, 2019

I am interested in using your nucleic acid stains for an application I am designing. Do you have any information on the cytotoxicity, long-term stability and photostability of your Nuclear LCS1/LCS2 dyes?


We’ve tested our Nuclear LCS dyes under these conditions:

HeLa cells were labeled with LCS dyes at various concentrations, from 5 uM - 0.5 uM, for 30 mins in Henderson-Hasselbalch (HH) buffer. Cells were then washed with HH buffer 2-3 times. After washing, cells were incubated for 24 hours in a regular DMEM medium. Fluorescence images were taken in cells before and after incubation in DMEM to test for long-term stability. Cell Meter™ Colorimetric WST-8 Cell Quantification Kit (Cat#22770) was applied for cytotoxicity testing. 


  1. Cytotoxicity of LCS dyes:


  1. All of our Nuclear LCS1/LCS2 dyes are quite stable.


  1. In general, photostability can be ranked as such:
  • Red (more stable) > Green > Violet and Blue (least stable)
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