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Posted on March 28, 2023
How are mixtures classified?
Chemical ReagentsStock SolutionWorking Solution

Posted on March 28, 2023
Are solutions homogeneous?
Chemical ReagentsStock SolutionWorking Solutionbuffer

Posted on February 19, 2020
Why are my NAD/NADH ratio readings erratic when compared to my standard solution?
AmpliteControlsNAD/NADH RatioNADH AssaySerial DilutionStock SolutionWorking Solutionbuffercaspaseenzymenicotinamide adenine dinucleotide

Posted on August 5, 2019
What is an 'X' stock solution?
Stock SolutionWorking Solution

Posted on July 9, 2019
What are the differences between diH2O, dH2O, and ddH2O?
Ca2+Mg2+Stock SolutionWorking Solutionbacteriacell culturePurification

Posted on April 2, 2019
How to measure intracellular pH using flow cytometry?
Working Solutioncell-permeable probesflow cytometerflow cytometrypH probes

Posted on November 30, 2018
How do you prepare a stock solution of 2,3-Diaminonapthalene?
Stock SolutionWorking SolutionMeasuring Nitric Oxide