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Posted on December 10, 2019
What is lacZ reporter gene?
AmpliteColorimetricabsorbancecell assaylac Operon?-galactosidaseE. coliReporter Gene

Posted on December 10, 2019
Why is probenecid used to conduct calcium flux assays when using fluorescent calcium indicators in certain cell types?
Ca2+calciumcalbrytecell assayprobenecidcalbryte 520no probenecidcalcium mobilitycalcium indicatororganic anion transporter

Posted on October 22, 2019
Which microplates are best suited for fluorescence, luminescence and absorbance assays?
apoptosismicroplatemicroplate readerfluorescent plate readerchemiluminescenceabsorbanceluminescensecell assay

Posted on August 21, 2019
Can I measure NADPH without lysing my cells?
NADH AssayNADP/NADPH ratioNADHNADPNADPHNADWestern Blotcell lysiscell assayemission wavelengthexcitation wavelengthfluorescence imagingfluorimetriclive cell analysislive cell assaymultiplex

Posted on June 26, 2019
Why do CHO cells require the use of probenecid in calcium assays?
calcium fluxcalcium indicatorcalciumcell assayprobenecidorganic anion transporterCHOGPCR

Posted on June 14, 2019
What is FRET?
Conjugationcell assayFRET

Posted on June 13, 2019
When performing calcium flux assay in living cells with fluorescent calcium indicators, can you use a fluorescent plate reader that does not have a kinetic reading function or a built-in liquid handler?
calciumCa2+calcium indicatorcalcium fluxcalcium mobilitycell assayfluorescent plate readerendpointno washno probenecidGPCR

Posted on June 13, 2019
What is the best way to quantitate Cyclic ADP-Ribose (cADPR)?
NADCa2+calciumcell assayfluorimetriccalcium mobilitysecond messengerfluorescent plate reader

Posted on June 12, 2019
Do you have a ready-to-use cell viability assay kit?
ATPCell Viabilitycell toxicityCell Cytotoxicitychemiluminescenceluminescenseluciferasefirefly luciferaseDTT freeready-to-usehomogenouscell assay

Posted on June 12, 2019
Can I customize ELISA techniques for my experiment?
cell assayhorseradish peroxidaseCell Assayhumanlive cell assaymicroplatemicroplate readerready-to-useCustomizationELISA

Posted on June 12, 2019
Can I add MitoROS dyes to my cell growth media?
ROScell assayflow cytometry

Posted on June 11, 2019
Apoptosis assay selection for GFP and RFP transfected tumor cells?
apoptosisfluorescent plate readercell assayflow cytometrytumor

Posted on May 20, 2019
Which fluorescent calcium indicators are compatible with GFP positive cells?
Ca2+calcium indicatorcalcium fluxcell assayGPCRCalbrytefluorescent calcium indicatorcalcium mobility

Posted on April 2, 2019
What is a Competition ELISA?
ELISAprimary antibodysecondary antibodymicroplatemicroplate readerenzyme-labeledcell assayCell AssayCalculating Concentrationwavelength

Posted on April 1, 2019
How long after addition of agonist can the wells be read by using the Cell Meter™ No Wash and Probenecid-Free Endpoint Calcium Assay Kit (Cat# 36312)?
calciumCa2+calcium indicatorcalcium fluxcalcium mobilitycell assayfluorescent plate readerendpointno washno probenecidGPCRprobenecidorganic anion transporterfluorescent calcium indicator

Posted on April 1, 2019
What is the concentration of calcium inside cells?
calciumCa2+calcium indicatorcell assaycalcium fluxcalcium mobilityfluorescent calcium indicator

Posted on March 23, 2019
Why should I use ELISA Testing?
cell assayhorseradish peroxidaseabsorbanceELISAmicroplate readerprimary antibodyDirect ELISACustomization

Posted on August 8, 2018
Is your Intracellular Total ROS Activity Assay Kit Green Fluorescence wash free?
ROScell assayno washfluorescent plate readerlive cell assay

Posted on August 6, 2018
What are the size ranges of mammalian cells?
cell assay

Posted on February 24, 2018
What is HHBS?
Ca2+calciumcell assaycalcium fluxcalcium indicatormembrane potential

Posted on February 23, 2018
Which standard should I use with your Screen Quest Glucose Uptake Assay Kits?
colorimetricfluorimetricglucose upakecell assay