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Pyrophosphate Detection

Pyrophosphate, ATP and phosphate dose responses
Pyrophosphate, ATP and phosphate dose responses were measured with the PhosphoWorks™ Fluoremetric Pyrophosphate Assay Kit in a solid black 96-well plate using a fluorescence microplate reader. As low as 1 µM (100 picomoles/well) pyrophosphate can be detected with 10 minutes incubation.
Pyrophosphate (PPi) is produced by a number of biochemical reactions, such as ATP hydrolysis, DNA and RNA polymerizations, cyclic AMP formation by the enzyme adenylate cyclase and the enzymatic activation of fatty acids to form their coenzyme A esters. Our PhosphoWorks™ Pyrophosphate Assay Kit provides the most robust spectrophotometric method for measuring pyrophosphate. This kit uses our proprietary fluorogenic pyrophosphate sensor that has its fluorescence intensity proportionally dependent upon the concentration of pyrophosphate. Our assay is much easier and more robust than the enzyme-coupling pyrophosphate methods that require at least two enzymes for their pyrophosphate detections. It has been successfully used in high throughput screening (HTS). The kit provides all the essential components for assaying pyrophosphate. Please inquire special HTS bulk package discount for the screening of >10,000 assays.

Table 1. Products for Pyrophosphate Detection

Cat No.
Product Name
Ex (nm)
Em (nm)
Unit Size
21611PhosphoWorks™ Fluorimetric Pyrophosphate Assay Kit *Blue Fluorescence* 316456200 Tests