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iFluor™ 790

iFluor<sup>®</sup> 790
iFluor® 790
In vivo fluorescence whole body imaging uses a sensitive camera to detect fluorescence emission from fluorophores in small animals. To overcome the photon attenuation in living tissue, fluorophores with long emission at the near-infrared (NIR) region are generally preferred, including widely used small indocarbocyanine dyes.

Recent advances in imaging strategies and reporter techniques for in vivo fluorescence imaging include novel approaches to improve the specificity and affinity of the probes and to modulate and amplify the signal at target sites for enhanced sensitivity. Further emerging developments are aiming to achieve high-resolution, multimodality and lifetime-based in vivo fluorescence imaging. Our iFluor® 790 is designed to label proteins and other biomolecules with near infrared fluorescence. Conjugates prepared with iFluor® 790 have the excitation and emission spectra similar to those of indocyanine green (ICG) and the IRDye® 800 dye, with excitation/ emission maxima at 783/814 nm. iFluor® 790 dye emission is well separated from commonly used far-red fluorophores such as Cy5, Cy7 or allophycocyanin (APC), facilitating multicolor analysis. This fluorophore is also useful for small animal in-vivo imaging applications or for other imaging applications that require NIR detections such as the two-color western applications with the LI-COR® Odyssey® infrared imaging system.

Table 1. iFluor 790® Dyes and Kits

Cat No.
Product Name
Ex (nm)
Em (nm)
Unit Size
36800iFluor 750™ RGD Conjugate 7507801 mg
1366iFluor® 790 maleimide 7828111 mg
1368iFluor® 790 succinimidyl ester 7828111 mg
1265ReadiLink™ Rapid iFluor® 790 Antibody Labeling Kit *Microscale Optimized for Labeling 50 µg Antibody Per Reaction* 7828112 Labelings