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ReadiView™ Biotin

The Chemical structure of ReadiView™ biotin. RM = reactive moiety for labeling purpose; CT = color tag for calculating biotinylation degree.
Biotin/avidin complexes are widely applied for a variety of biological detections. Although a large number of biotin-labeled bioconjugates are commercially available, the accurate determination of biotinylation degree (ratio of biotin/biopolymer) is still a great challenge for biochemists. HABA is predominantly used for determining the degree of biotinylation (through its absorption with the extinction coefficient = 34,000/M-1cm-1). When a biotin-containing sample is added, the biotin binds strongly to avidin and displaces the weakly bound HABA. The resulting decrease in absorbance relates to the amount of biotin. However there are many factors that affect the accuracy of HABA method, making this method unreliable for many biotin-labeled conjugates.

Our ReadiView™ biotin contains specially designed Color Tag (CT) that makes the biotinylation degree readily accessible by simply calculating the corrected absorption ratio of 280 nm/385 nm. Our specially designed tag has a very minimal effect on the biotin binding affinity, and its absorption maximum is designed to make the tag have minimal quenching effect on most fluorophores used for labeling avidins.

Table 1. Ordering Info for Biotin Products

Product Name
Unit Size
3001Biotin *CAS 58-85-5*1 g79
3002Biotin, succinimidyl ester *CAS 35013-72-0*100 mg205
3003Biotin ethylenediamine *CAS 216299-38-6*10 mg100
3004Biotin cadaverine25 mg100
3005Biotin C2 maleimide25 mg310
3006Biotin-4-fluorescein *CAS 1032732-74-3*5 mg100492518
3007Biotin hydrazide *CAS 66640-86-6*25 mg79
3009Biotin-X NTA [Biotin-X nitrilotriacetic acid, potassium salt] *CAS 856661-92-2*1 mg100
3010Biotin-X, succinimidyl ester *CAS 72040-63-2*25 mg79
3014Biotin PEG2 amine *CAS 138529-46-1*5 mg100