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Relative Brightness of Fluorescent Dyes

DNA Dyes

Fluorescence image

Fluorescence images of oleic acid treated HeLa cells stained with Cell Navigator® Lipid Droplets Fluorescence Assay Kit (Cat#22735) and Nuclear Green™ LCS1 (Cat#17540).


Table 1. Relative Brightness of DNA Dyes

Dye Name
Nuclear Blue™ DCS1DNA355 nmDAPI6
Propidium iodideDNA488 nmTexas Red2
Nuclear Green™DNA488 nmFITC6
Propidium iodideDNA532 nmTexas Red3
Nuclear Red™DNA633 nmCy5.56


Proliferation Dyes

Cell Proliferation Assay

Cell proliferation assay with CytoTell™ Green and CFSE. Jurkat cells (~2×106 cells/mL) were stained with CytoTell™ Green or CFSE on Day 0. The cells were passed serially at 1:1 ratio on the day specified. Fluorescence intensity was measured with ACEA NovoCyte 3000 flow cytometer in FITC channel on the day of passage. Successive generations were represented by different colors.


Table 2. Relative Brightness of Proliferation Dyes

Dye Name
CytoTell™ BlueProliferation405 nmDAPI6
CFSEProliferation488 nmFITC7
CytoTell™ GreenProliferation488 nmFITC7
CytoTell™ OrangeProliferation488 nmCy3/TRITC7
CytoTell™ UltraGreenProliferation488 nmFITC7
CytoTell™ Red 590Proliferation561 nmCy37
CytoTell™ Red 650Proliferation633 nmCy57


Viability Dyes

HeLa cells

Images of Live HeLa cells stained with CytoCalcein Violet 500 (Cat.22013). Cell nuclei were stained with Hoechst 33342 (Blue, Cat#17535).


Table 3. Relative Brightness of Viability Dyes

Dye Name
Calcein BlueViability405 nmDAPI6
Calcein UltraBlue™ AMViability405 nmDAPI6
CytoCalcein™ Violet 450Viability405 nmDAPI7
CytoCalcein™ Violet 500Viability405 nmFITC7
7-AADViability488 nmCy51
Calcein *UltraPure Grade*Viability488 nmCy51
Calcein Orange™Viability488 nmTRITC7
Calcein UltraGreen™ AMViability488 nmFITC7
7-AADViability532 nmCy52
Calcein Red™ AMViability561 nmCy3/TRITC7
Calcein Deep Red™Viability633 nmCy57


Labeling Dyes

HeLa cells

HeLa cells were incubated with (Tubulin+) or without (Tubulin-) mouse anti-tubulin followed by iFluor® 488 goat anti-mouse IgG conjugate (Green, Left) or Alexa Fluor® 488 goat anti-mouse IgG conjugate (Green, Right), respectively. Cell nuclei were stained with Hoechst 33342 (Blue).


Table 4. Relative Brightness of Labeling Dyes

Dye Name
Alexa Fluor 350Labeling355 nmDAPI2
iFluor® 350Labeling355 nmDAPI6
iFluor® 450Labeling405 nmFITC5
Pacific GreenLabeling405 nmFITC5
Pacific OrangeLabeling405 nmTRITC2
iFluor® 405Labeling405 nmDAPI6
iFluor® 430 Labeling405 nmFITC6
PacBlueLabeling405 nmDAPI2
Alexa Fluor 555Labeling488 nmTRITC4
Cy3Labeling488 nmTRITC4
Alexa Fluor 488Labeling488 nmFITC5
FITCLabeling488 nmFITC7
iFluor® 488Labeling488 nmFITC7
Oregon GreenLabeling488 nmFITC7
TRITCLabeling488 nmTRITC7
PE-Alexa Fluor 594Labeling488 nmTexas Red9
PE-Alexa Fluor 750Labeling488 nmCy79
PE-iFluor® 594Labeling488 nmTexas Red9
PE-iFluor® 750Labeling488 nmCy79
PELabeling488 nmTRITC10
PE-Alexa Fluor 647Labeling488 nmCy57
PE-Cy5Labeling488 nmCy5.510
PE-Cy5.5Labeling488 nmCy5.57
PE-Cy7Labeling488 nmPE-Cy710
ReadiUse™ Preactivated PE-iFluor® 647Labeling488 nmCy510
PE-Texas RedLabeling488 nmTexas Red10
Alexa Fluor 555Labeling532 nmTRITC5
Cy3Labeling532 nmTRITC5
Alexa Fluor 532Labeling532 nmTRITC7
iFluor® 514Labeling532 nmCy3/TRITC (590/40)7
iFluor® 532Labeling532 nmCy3/TRITC (590/40)7
iFluor® 546Labeling532 nmCy3/TRITC (590/40)7
Alexa Fluor 594Labeling561 nmTexas Red6
iFluor® 610Labeling561 nmTexas Red (610/40)6
Sulforhodamine 101 sulfonyl chloride [Texas Red®]Labeling561 nmTexas Red6
iFluor® 555Labeling561 nmCy3/TRITC (590/40)7
iFluor® 568Labeling561 nmCy3/TRITC (590/40)7
iFluor® 594Labeling561 nmTexas Red (610/40)7
Alexa Fluor 750Labeling633 nmCy74
iFluor® 750Labeling633 nmCy7 (780/60)4
iFluor® 680Labeling633 nmCustom (712/25)5
Alexa Fluor 680Labeling633 nmCy5.56
Alexa Fluor 700Labeling633 nmCy76
Cy7Labeling633 nmCy76
iFluor® 647Labeling633 nmCy5 (660/40)6
iFluor® 660Labeling633 nmCy5 (660/40)6
iFluor® 700Labeling633 nmCustom (712/25)6
Alexa Fluor 647Labeling633 nmCy57
Cy5Labeling633 nmCy57
iFluor® 633 Labeling633 nmCy5 (660/40)7
APC-Alexa Fluor 750Labeling633 nmCy78
APC-Cy5.5Labeling633 nmCy5.58
APC-Cy7Labeling633 nmCy75
APC-iFluor® 700Labeling633 nmCy78
APC-iFluor® 750Labeling633 nmCy78
APCLabeling633 nmCy59
iFluor® 790Labeling633 nmCy7 (780/60)3
iFluor® 800Labeling633 nmCustom (840/20)3
iFluor® 810Labeling633 nmCustom (840/20)3
iFluor® 820Labeling633 nmCustom (840/20)3
iFluor® 860Labeling633 nmCustom (885/40)3

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