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What are common laser lines used in flow cytometry?

Posted August 21, 2019

Flow cytometers are commonly equipped with one or more of the following laser lines:
  • Ultraviolet (355 nm)
  • Violet (405-407 nm)
  • Blue (488 nm)
  • Green (532 nm)
  • Yellow (561-568 nm)
  • Red (633-647 nm)
Refer to Table 1 below for common fluorophores used with each laser line and their respective applications.
Table 1. Common laser lines used in flow cytometry.
Laser lineCommon fluorophores used with laserApplication
(355 nm)
iFluor® 350, Alpha Fluor™ 350protein/antibody labeling dye
DAPI, Hoechst, Nuclear Blue™ DCS1DNA stain
Calcein Blue, Calcein UltraBlue™cell viability probe
Annexin V-iFluor® 350 conjugateearly-stage apoptosis probe
(405 - 407 nm)
PacBlue, iFluor® 405, iFluor® 430, mFluor™ Violet 450, mFluor™ Violet 510, mFluor™ Violet 540protein/antibody labeling dye
Nuclear Violet™ LCS1DNA stain
CytoCalcein™ Violet 450, CytoCalcien™ Violet 500cell viability indicator
CytoTell™ BlueCytoTell™ Violet 500 cell proliferation indicator 
Annexin V-mFluor™ Violet 450early-stage apoptosis indicator
(488 nm)
FITC, iFluor® 488Alpha Fluor™ 488PE, PE tandems, PerCPprotein/antibody labeling dye
Nuclear Green™ LCS1PI, 7-AADDNA stain
Calcein UltraGreen™cell viability indicator
CytoTell™ Green, CytoTell™ UltraGreencell proliferation indicator
Annexin V-iFluor® 488early-stage apoptosis indicator
(532 nm)
iFluor® 532, mFluor™ Blue 570, Alpha Fluor™ 532PE, PE tandemsprotein/antibody labeling dye
Nuclear Orange™ LCS1, PI, 7-AADDNA stain
Calcein™ Orangecell viability indicator
CytoTell™ Orangecell proliferation indicator
Annexin V-mFluor™ Blue 570early-stage apoptosis indicator
(561 - 568 nm)
iFluor® 555, AF555iFluor® 568PE, PE tandemsprotein/antibody labeling dye
PI, 7-AADDNA stain
Calcein Red™cell viability indicator
CytoTell™ Red 590cell proliferation indicator
Annexin V-iFluor® 555early-stage apoptosis indicator
(633 - 647 nm)
iFluor® 633iFluor® 647, AF647APC, APC tandemsprotein/antibody labeling dye
Nuclear Red™ LCS1DNA stain 
Calcein Deep Red™cell viability indicator
CytoTell™ Red 650cell proliferation indicator
Annexin V-iFluor® 633, Annexin V-iFluor® 647early-stage apoptosis indicator
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