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Yeast Two Hybrid (Y2H) Media, Amino Acid Dropout Mixes Preparation and Recipe

Amino acid dropout mixtures contain amino acid supplements necessary for the growth of yeast. This amino acid dropout mixture is suitable for use with yeast-two hybrid systems.

To prepare  L of Yeast Two Hybrid (Y2H) Media, Amino Acid Dropout Mixes:
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Table 1. Required components
Adenine (mw: 135.13 g/mol)0.01 g0.000074 M
L-Arginine (mw: 174.20 g/mol)0.05 g0.000287 M
L-Aspartic acid (mw: 133.10 g/mol)0.08 g0.000601 M
L-Histidine (mw: 155.15 g/mol)0.02 g0.0001289 M
L-Isoleucine (mw: 131.17 g/mol)0.05 g0.0003811 M
L-Leucine (mw: 131.17 g/mol)0.1 g0.0007623 M
L-Lysine (mw: 146.19 g/mol)0.05 g0.000342 M
L-Methionine (mw: 149.21 g/mol)0.02 g0.000134 M
L-Phenylalanine (mw: 165.19 g/mol)0.05 g0.0003026 M
L-Threonine (mw: 119.12 g/mol)0.1 g0.0008394 M
L-Tryptophan (mw: 204.23 g/mol)0.05 g0.0002448 M
L-Tyrosine (mw: 181.19 g/mol)0.05 g0.0002759 M
L-Valine (mw: 117.15 g/mol)0.14 g0.001195 M
Uracil (mw: 112.09 g/mol)0.02 g0.0001784 M
  1. Prepare 800 mL of distilled water in a suitable container.
  2. Add 0.01 g of Adenine to the solution.
  3. Add 0.05 g of L-Arginine to the solution.
  4. Add 0.08 g of L-Aspartic acid to the solution.
  5. Add 0.02 g of L-Histidine to the solution.
  6. Add 0.05 g of L-Isoleucine to the solution.
  7. Add 0.1 g of L-Leucine to the solution.
  8. Add 0.05 g of L-Lysine to the solution.
  9. Add 0.02 g of L-Methionine to the solution.
  10. Add 0.05 g of L-Phenylalanine to the solution.
  11. Add 0.1 g of L-Threonine to the solution.
  12. Add 0.05 g of L-Tryptophan to the solution.
  13. Add 0.05 g of L-Tyrosine to the solution.
  14. Add 0.14 g of L-Valine to the solution.
  15. Add 0.02 g of Uracil to the solution.
  16. Add distilled water until the volume is 1 L.
  17. Combine the appropriate ingredients, and mix in a sealed container. Omit the desired dropout component. Haploid yeast requires a single dropout (i.e., -Trp=-T or -Leu=-L); diploid yeast requires double dropouts (i.e., -Leu -Trp=-LT); and selecting for interactions requires triple dropouts (i.e., -Leu-Trp -His=-LTH, plus 3-AT).

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